Soulful Saturdays with William S Taylor

William Taylor was born in New Orleans and moved to Seattle at age 14.  He was recruited by the BC Lions to move to Vancouver but ultimately gave up sport to pursue creative expression as an actor and singer.  He has performed all over the US in various jazz, blues, and soul ensembles.  William performs every Saturday at the Revel Room, accompanied by Lawrie Koyle on guitar and piano and Marshall Zalik on bongo drums.  Shows start at 730 and run till around 11pm. Click here for reservations.


For more on William (including his stint on vintage 90210!) visit his website at



Lawrie Koyle


Lawrie Koyle is a musician’s musician with incredible technique and taste.  He had played in every province in Canada by age 20.  He has recorded and or toured with many great acts including Long John Baldry, Kathy Macdonald, Harlequin, Idle Eyes, and The Platters.  Fun trivia fact – he worked at 1994 academy awards as production assistant (with a wink and a smile)


Marshall Zalik


Marshall has played percussion for almost 40 years. He has accompanied several dance companies including Pacific Ballet Theatre and Edam. Marshall has performed with a broad range of musicians and currently plays in The Glenn Chatten Band and the Men of Quiet Desperation. Fun trivia fact – Marshall is also a realtor and was the lease negotiator for the Revel Room.

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